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Subway warning strike took place Thursday morning between 4.00h and 6.00h. General strike looming on Monday

The subway employees have staged a warning strike on Thursday, with trains stopped between 4.00h-6.00h. The trade unionists threaten to start general strike if their demands are not met. If the general strike is launched, the trains will be put ...

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Update: Bucharest and Iasi hospital employees continue protests, vow to go on general strike soon

The health public system employees continue the protests even after the Easter holiday, dissatisfied with the fact that their revenues do not increase, according to the ruling coalition’s promises, even worse, their revenues fall due to the cut of cash ...

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Update: Romanian air traffic controllers’ warning cut to one hour and a half. Are the flights affected?

The Romanian air traffic controllers on Friday ended around 12:30hrs, being shortened from two hours to one hour and a half, said Valentin Cimpuieru, ROMATSA general manager. Air restrictions have been lifted and air traffic went back to normal. ROMATSA ...

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Romanian air traffic controllers threaten with strike

The air traffic controllers threaten with a two-hour strike on Friday, May 12, in protest for no collective labour agreement has been signed yet. They are also discontent with the lack of a budget and with the fact that the ...

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Richest trade union leader in Romania, remanded 24 hours for money laundering and embezzlement

Liviu Luca, the richest trade union leader in Romania, has been remanded Monday evening for 24 hours, other three individuals being placed under judicial control in the file concerning money laundering and embezzlement, with damages of RON 15 million (approx. ...

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