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Some secrets you didn’t know about Timisoara

The city’s name comes from the Timis River, which flows in the south part of the city. Once, when the area was all swampy, Timis’ waters mingled with Bega’s, Bega was also called Timisul Mic. In the Park of Roses, ...

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Turkish bath relics in Timisoara to be sanded for preservation

The Turkish bath relics discovered by archaeologists in Liberty Square in Timisoara (western Romania) will be buried in sand for preservation, while authorities will post informative tags to mark them. The Turkish baths represent the most important archaeological discovery performed ...

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Turkish bath relics in Timisoara, praised on BBC

BBC has recently published an article in its travel section praising the relics of a former Ottoman bathhouse dating since 1700, discovered be archaeologists in Timisoara (western Romania). Entitled „An ancient Ottoman capital surfaces”, the feature says that archaeologists had ...

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