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Tariceanu: I do not intend breaking the ruling coalition

ALDE chairman, Calin Popescu Tariceanu (PSD’s ruling partner), has denied the rumours that the ruling coalition will break up, stating that he has no intention to initiate the breach.

I didn’t, don’t and will not intend to break up the coalition. The same goes for my colleague, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea,” Tariceanu told Antena 3.

He also denied the information that a new prime minister is in the pipeline to lead a government that would also include PNL and USR.

There were rumours that said the coalition was to break up for sure and that Tariceanu will be named prime minister of a government based on a majority with PNL, USR and so on,” the ALDE chair said.

He underlined that the coalition will not break up.

The ones who want the coalition broken have to install distrust. Why do I think the coalition will move on? For we, and I mean PSD and ALDE, have committed to the Romanians to a political and economic programme. Our political programme has been clear to undergo the justice reform and to end the abuses and on the other hand there is the economic programme that means economic growth, economic wellbeing, infrastructure on education, transport (…) Of course when there is mistrust among partners, an alliance can break up. And of course, there were goobers including from PSD and ALDE who dived head first and ruined things even more. I think you can talk as friends and partners without risking slamming the door and saying: I’ll leave”, Tariceanu pointed out.

He explained that the fact that ALDE said about the Offshore law that it cannot be voted blindfold, doesn’t mean that ALDE has joined forces with the Opposition parties.

And speaking about opponent ideas to the coalition, Tariceanu, who is also Senate speaker, resumed the idea that Romania is not ready to take over the Presidency of the EU Council, as there is a huge fracture between the ruling power and the opposition, arguing that unless there is dialogue among all parliamentary parties, Romania will be „a ruined country”.

Five days ago, Senate Speaker and ALDE leader, Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated that Romania is not ready to take over the presidency of the EU Council.

Given the total political war in the past months, Romania is not ready to take over the EU Council presidency,” Tariceanu said, adding that “parliamentary agreement is needed on the rule of law” proposed by ALDE.

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