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Taxi fares in Bucharest go up as of October 1

The fierce competition between taxi companies and car-sharing applications has led to higher fares for taxis. As of October 1, the cost of a trip will be higher by RON 0.30 per km. Most employers will raise their fares, capital.ro reports.

This happens after eight years during which the Bucharest companies had the same fare of RON 1.39 per kilometre.

The two largest taxi companies in Bucharest, Speed and Cristaxi, will make this move as of October 1.

Speed Taxi will increase the tariff to RON 1.69 per km, while Cristaxi will apply a fare of RON 1.70 per km.

Some companies have already increased the fares last fall. For example, Meridian Taxi has two distinct fares: RON 1.40 per km and RON 1.74 per km, the second one being applied to the newest cars of the company (Meridian Plus).

Speed Taxi also has a luxury taxi division consisting of Mercedes C, E and S cars. The fare is of RON 3.49 per km, and customers can pay for the trip by card.

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  1. This article doesn’t explain how raising taxi fares will improve their competitive position vis-a-vis the car-sharing alternatives. Won’t this change make taxi’s less attractive, thereby worsening their competitive position? I’m puzzled.