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Terrorist expelled by SRI from Romania

An Iraqi citizen, connected to a terrorist group in the Middle East, was expelled from Romania, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has announced on Thursday.

“Today, August 2, 2018, the Iraqi citizen FJF, in connection with a terrorist group in the Middle East, has been removed from Romania’s national territory. The decision is based on information obtained by the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) in cooperation with the Border Police and the General Inspectorate for Immigration,” SRI informs.

According to the same source, reliable data was obtained regarding the presence of the Iraqi citizen on Romanian territory, in whose case the measure of non-admission to the country was established as early as 2016.

“SRI remains firm in its missions to prevent and counteract any anti-terrorist activity and cooperates with all institutions within the National System for Prevention and Counter Terrorism,” SRI informs.

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