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Romania, the first South Eastern European country to launch a 5G auction

The auction for 5G frequencies – in 2019

The auction of frequencies for the 5G technology will be organised in 2019, based on the calendar debated by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) on Thursday, together with the industry, at a sitting of the Consultative Council, the auction is to conclude in December 2019, an ANCOM release informs.

The sitting has considered the action plan and the national timetable for allocation of the 470-790 Mhz bandwidth as well as the associated regulatory options in the form of a national roadmap for the allocation and future use of the 470-790 Mhz frequency band.

“With the consultation on the issue of 700 Mhz band, we agreed on the timetable for making available the radio spectrum needed to implement the 5G technology in Romania. We will complete all the documentation for this auction, which will include starting prices, by July 2019 and we will complete the auction no later than December 2019,” Sorin Grindeanu, ANCOM chief, said.

Another action with impact on the implementation of 5G technologies is the conclusion of bilateral coordination agreements with neighbouring countries by June 30, 2019.

Until July 31, 2019, ANCOM will adopt the decision on the organization of the licensing procedure, namely the establishment of the conditions for granting of the rights to use the frequencies and other necessary normative acts.

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