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The Crystal Cave in Farcu Mine, Apuseni Mountains, Bihor

Apuseni Mountains are crossed by hundreds of caves, but these attractions are mostly undeveloped. An exception is the crystal cave in Rosia village, Bihor County, unique in Romania due to the geological formations of rare beauty.

The Crystal Cave from Farcu Mine has been discovered in 1987 during the bauxite exploitation within the mining area of Rosia, Bihor. Unfortunately, the cave was vandalized many times until 2012 when it was set up by the Centre for Protected Areas and Sustainable Development Bihor and Rosia City Hall.

This is the only cave in Romania where anyone can closely admire the beauty of the calcite crystals. What made it so spectacular was the variety and size of the crystals, but also the “macaroni” stalactites, reaching up to 1.5 – 2m.

The cave was recently arranged so that, besides the conditions of maximum security, it offers tourists the opportunity to visit an old mine gallery, which showcases a lot of objects that people used to handle underground.

The route that can be visited numbers about 200m of mine gallery and 100m of cave gallery. The touristic route ends with a balcony offering an overview of the speleological reservation.

Thrill-seeking can practice speleology with a licensed guide, if necessary training. And tourists with strong nerves can try a zip line, 270 meters long, passing over a great gulf fixed.

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