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The final countdown till the Night of the Institutes. 15 cultural institutions, over 50 events, 12 venues

The foreign cultural institutes in Romania are getting ready for the 10th edition of the Night of the Institutes on June 24. Music, films, exhibitions and much more are going to happen in 12 cultural venues in Bucharest.

ARCUB – Gabroveni Inn, British Council, the Czech Centre, „Yunus Emre” Turkish Cultural Centre, Green Hours Jazz Cafe, Goethe Institute, Balassi Magyar Institute in Bucharest, Cervantes Institute, the Romanian Cultural Institute, The French Institute, The Italian Culture Institute and The European Public Space will host over 50 events proposed by those 15 cultural institutions.

The Austrian Cultural Forum, Camões Institute for Cooperation and Portuguese Language, the Greek Cultural Foundation, Polish Institute and the Valonie-Brussels Delegation are the institutes attending this year’s edition, besides the ones already above-mentioned.

The festival is organized by EUNIC Bucharest, with the support of the EC Representation to Romania. Free access.

The event could not forget that this year 400 years are marked since the death of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, so the programme includes a theatre performance after Shakespeare’s sonnets, screenings, readings and a debate dedicated to the great British playwright, as well as a comics exhibition based on a play by Cervantes and a reading performance based on the Spanish writer’s „entremeses”.

The 10th edition will also provide a musical trip through more European countries: violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, a concert in the languages of the minorities in the Polish region Podlasie, a concert by Polish multi-instrumentalist Karolina Cicha, Greek music, French music performed on top of a huge dress, jazz, jam session live, Portuguese festa, silent disco and post-techno party.

The night of June 24 also brings various exhibitions: comics dialogue based on improvisation, graffiti performance, sculpture, “BLANK” exhibition of gathered things, “Romanian Design Week Classics”, fashion, graphic design, “Greek traditional clothes” fashion exhibition, „Azulejo: Story of tiles”, „Romy Schneider” or „Immota Manet” (black&white photos depicting the consequences of the quake in Aquila) photo exhibitions.

Films cannot miss the show. Mediterranea by Jonas Carpignano, Prospero’s Books directed by Peter Greenaway; Romanian Short Waves 9, Romanian shorts presented at Cannes 2016; Short from Spain, short films selected the Cinema and Visual arts Institute in Spain; Sissi I by Ernst Marishka, starring Romy Schneider as Elizabeth, the Empress of Austria; La Passante du Sans-Souci by Jacques Rouffio, or Whisper to me if I forget by Çagan Irmak.
The night will also provide foreign languages courses, games and intercultural debates, theatre performances and workshops for children and adults, among whom the workshop dedicated to the Turkish traditional art of drawing on water or the one teaching children to make their own birdhouse using the papier-mâché technique.

Culinary surprises are also in, with participants being able to enjoy Turkish or Polish cuisine, the famous Hungarian goulash or the traditional spaghettata, prepared live.

More details at https://www.facebook.com/NoapteaInstitutelorCulturale.

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