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The first anger room in Romania opens in Bucharest

The first anger room in Romanai has opened in Bucharest. Break Room is an effective and cheap way to get rid of the daily stress, a location where customers can come to break down objects in a controlled environment.

Break Room is a place where you can have fun or get rid of stress by destroying useless objects like glasses, obsolete vases, trinkets, printers TV sets, phones, water closets, kitchen furniture and other unexpected items using the baseball bat, the crowbar or the sledge hammer. All actions are completely safe.

Break Room Bucharest is hosted in an industrial premise, with three defined spaces.

Prices range from RON 50 (BYOB – “bring your own breakable”, a package including only non-dangerous items) to RON 80 or RON 150 for two people (including 12 small items, three average items, a big electronic device, protection equipment consisting in overall, glasses and gloves). The time estimated for this package is 15 minutes.

For an extra RON 20, customers can opt for capturing the experience on camera: film slow motion (10 seconds), plus 3 photos.

The programme is from Monday to Friday, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and during the weekend from 12:00 to 22:00. Reservations at vreau@breakroom.ro.

The minimum age required: 16 years old, pregnant women and people who had alcoholic drinks are forbidden.

Break Room is located on the industrial premise Industria Bumbacului, on 160 Splaiul Unirii (near Timpuri Noi metro station).

The initiative also has a recycling purpose, as Break Room will collect useless objects free of any charge and the items will be selectively recycled after cracking.

Break Room activity is purely recreational, has no therapy effects. We address to the Bucharesters who are searching an original way to get rid of the daily stress, to try something new and have fun with their friends,” said the Break Room founder, Marius Neagoie.

He said the initial investment has mounted to EUR 15,000, which has covered for the revamp of the premise and of the break room spaces, the purchase of the safety equipment, and also for the branding and promotion.

We estimate 50 clients per day during the week and 100 in the weekend. We also forecast a break even in the first three months. We aim a franchise and at identifying partners in the country,” he added.

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