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The Head of the Royal Family of Romania: King Michael’s condition is “very precarious”, yet stable

The Head of the Royal Family of Romania: King Michael’s condition is “very precarious”, yet stable

The Head of the Royal Family of Romania, Andrew Popper announced that the condition of former King Michael “is very precarious”, but, he has been stabilized for the moment.

The condition is very precarious. At the moment, doctors are focusing all their efforts to keep his Majesty without pains and in a comfortable condition. Forecasts are impossible in these cases. There are better moments, there are worse moments. Fortunately, for the moment the situation is stable,” Popper told the TVR1 public broadcaster on Wednesday evening.

Popper added that King Michael “is sometimes conscious, sometimes unconscious”, explaining this is a normal evolution under the circumstances and it’s nothing unusual.

Asked why doctors haven’t been the ones to issue official releases on the king’s condition, Popper explained that neither the Swiss law, nor their professional ethics give them the right to issue such press releases.

As for the absence of new images with King Michael, the head of the Romanian Royal House said that “it would be a violation of His Majesty’s dignity”.

In my opinion, giving no photos with His Majesty is very normal. As I said, His Majesty’s condition is precarious, it’s not a good condition. He is physically degraded. If these photos were released now it would attack His Majesty’s dignity, it would a violation of his dignity. We don’t want that His Majesty to be remembered by these images which are not pleasant (…) It’s something morbid. Our wish is that His Majesty to stay in the memory of the Romanian people as he was when he was healthy,” Popper said.

He revealed that the last time he had met the King was in March this year in Aubonne, Switzerland. “It was a long visit, I spent the entire day with His Majesty (…) I left satisfied from the meeting, (…) as I had found him calm and content and happy, in a way, with a peace of mind,” Popper stated.

 About grandson Nicolae: It’s not about forgiveness, His Majesty doesn’t want to see him

Andrew Popper also answered questions related to the relation with former Prince Nicolae, the King’s grandson, for the first time since the scandal has broken.

I recall one of His Majesty’s favorite phrases:< We can forgive, but we can’t forget>. I don’t know if he forgave Mr. Medforth-Mills, but there are two different things- it’s not about forgiveness, it’s that His Majesty has clearly said that he does not wish to see his grandson. His Majesty has stripped Nicolae of his Prince title and removed him from the line of succession. His Majesty has clearly said what were the reasons. His Majesty has signed this act in the presence of some members of the Royal Council, including Prince Lorenz of Belgium can confirm that (…),” Popper pointed out.

His statement comes after the lawyer of former Prince Nicolae had told TVR that Nicolae had signed no confirmation knowledge decree for he hadn’t been informed about the original document. “They sent him a scanned copy,” lawyer Radu Enache argued, explaining that Nicolae had doubts that the decree would have been signed by the former king.

The Head of the Royal House claims that there would several reasons for which His Majesty had removed his grandson from the line of succession.

Mr. Medforth-Mills has been accused of being the father of a child conceived outside marriage. And His Majesty realized that, as long as these suspicions exist and are not clarified, they don’t match with the quality of Prince of Romania. (….) Moreover, Mr. Medforth-Mills accepted His Majesty’s decision in written,” Popper said.

On the other hand, Nicolae’s lawyer stressed that the former prince did everything he could to establish if he is the father of that child.

Asked if there is any chance that Nicolae could see his grandfather, Popper said it would happen only if the King wanted it.

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