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The Isle of Happiness or K Isle, the Newest Bird Paradise in Danube Delta

In the early 2000s an island of several dozen hectares peered in Sulina, Musura Gulf. A spit of land, about seven kilometers length is shared by Romania and Ukraine, with 2.5 kilometers being found on our territory. Locals call the newly piece of land, K Isle or the Happiness Island. It appeared about 20 to 25 years ago, eight kilometers away from Sulina to the north dike.

Annually, the Danube Delta transports 67 million tons of alluvial sediments into the Black Sea. Thus the Danube Delta was formed, which increase by tens of square meters. However, the island appeared at the end of Sulina Branch (Bratul Sulina) due to Bystroe Canal (Canalul Bîstroe). The Bystroe Canal is a Ukrainian deep-water canal in the Danube Delta near the Romania-Ukraine border.

The island is completely sandy and from place to place one can see clumps of grasses. The width of the island exceeds, here and there, 200 meters. The spit of land is visible from the new lighthouse in Sulina. It can also be seen with ‘Google Earth’, according to Adevarul. The bench land is a small natural reservation. Here live black cormorants, pelicans, gulls grater, egrets and gray herons. Birds do not blend, there are grouped into colonies and they live together as ‘neighbours’ in peace and harmony, according to their own rules.

Tourists are not allowed on the island, at the very most, they could anchor their boats dozens of meters from the shore, from where they can admire the birds with binoculars if not, with the naked eye.

The Isle increases on an annual basis and the water is not too deep. Specialists estimate that in a few years, the island will reach Sulina Branch’s dike and will transform the gulf between Chilia and Sulina into a lake.

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