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The map of the real estate projects around Bucharest

130 real estate projects comprising 23,000 tenancy units  are currently under way around Bucharest, with over a quarter of the new houses in Ilfov and Bucharest areas being built in the first such unit.

According to an analysis conducted by imobiliare.ro, the number of the residential projects under construction during the second quarter this year is 4.2 times more than the number of the projects already concluded.

The localities in Ilfov that host the largest number of projects are  (28), Voluntari (24), Chiajna (tot 24), Popești Leordeni (20) and Otopeni (17).

However, in terms of apartments that have to be delivered, the ranking is different: Rosu locality ranks first, with 5,000 such units, then Chiajan comes second (4,386 apartments), Bragadiru (4,003), Voluntari (2,503) and Popești Leordeni (1,887).

The localities boasting the largest number of houses planned for construction within residential ensembles are Corbeanca ( 1,557), Popești Leordeni (1,336), Voluntari (794), Otopeni (516) and Bragadiru (367).

318 residential projects for sale  in Bucharest

In Q2 2018 there were 318  large and medium-seize residential projects for sale in Bucharest, with 217 under construction and 101 already concluded. Overall, the number of the tenancy units planned to be erected within these ensembles mounts to almost 57,000. That means three quarters of house units built in Bucharest and Ilfov area are in the Capital.

The districts boasting most of the projects are district 4 (69 residential developments) and district 3 (67 residential projects), then district 1 (57 projects), district 6 (50), district 2 (43) and finally, district 5 (32).

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