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The new EOS R, the latest system designed by Canon, released in Romania

Canon Romania has presented the new EOS R revolutionary system in an event hosted by the Bucharest National Theatre last Thursday, with big names of the Romanian photography, public personalities and online community members attending.

It is Canon’s first Full Frame mirrorless camera, thus able to perfectly “capture the future”, as the slogan goes.

The event included a special testing session of the new camera system, a photo exhibition and a theatre play.

Renowned representatives of the Romanian photography like Vlad Eftenie, Vali Bărbulescu and George Stan, have toured the Bucharest National Theatre in a unique way, testing the extraordinary features of the new EOS R system, including the fastest auto-focus system in the world, the capacity of taking photos under low ambient light conditions and the impressive levels of customization.

Cannon representatives presented the new  equipment, which enables full compatibility of existing EF and EF-S lenses with the EOS R system.

The world of the image is constantly evolving, while constraints that the photographers are facing in their daily work are the precise basic aspects based on which we are building our equipment. The launch event of the new Canon EOS R system has been designed precisely to put our own photo-video equipment at ease. Along with this new system, we have made a pledge to our audience so that people could validate the veracity of the information,” said Petronius Secăreanu, General Manager, Canon Romania.

Photographers Florin Ghioca (the official TNB photographer), Andreea Retinschi and Cristian Vasile had the opportunity of testing the Canon EOS-R system and revealed their impressions following their experiences.

I have only one regret about this camera, that I cannot keep it”, said photographer Florin Ghioca, praising the device’s extremely silent mood, the menu easy to use, and the ease with which it captures images in pitch-dark. „I recommend this camera to all those in search of privacy and discretion,” Ghioca added.

In her turn, Andreea Retinschi also confessed that this camera „made her sad”, because it is close to perfection. “Very cool sharpness, very good low lighting system, very good view finder and colour-coding. The device is intuitive, you don’t need to read the instructions for use,” Andreea said.

Cristian Vasile, who tested the camera in the studio, also praised its view finder and the perfect match when being connected to the mobile app. He announced he will leave in Patagonia for three weeks, where it will be a good opportunity to test the new EOS R system, while voicing his eagerness to use it for his new passion: diving and underwater photography.

The event at TNB also included some excerpts from a theatre play, with guests enjoying an one-hour artistic moment when they could test the new EOS R in low ambient light conditions, capturing the actors’ dynamic moves, the sudden changes of the light intensity, the smoke on the stage, etc.

The event also hosted a photo exhibition made by the children beneficiaries of the Save the Children Romania NGO. In September, Canon in partnership with Save the Children, underwent a corporate social responsibility project aiming at developing the children’s communication abilities. Photography and Storytelling have thus become the documentation tools for the disadvantaged children’s’ own stories. Children aged from 7 to 14  have become photographers, although it was for the first time that they had ever touched a camera.

A part of the photos captured by the children themselves have been on display at TNB.

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