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The Opposition contemplates motion of censure

After the President’s call for the prime minister’s resignation, the chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban has stated that president Iohannis’ move is “perfectly grounded”, adding that PNL will file a motion of censure when there are the highest chances for success.

It’s a perfectly motivated action. Mrs. Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă doesn’t belong at the helm of the Government. She is Dragnea’s and Tariceanu’s puppet, who is blindly following the two’s villain orders,” Ludovic Orban said.

As for the no-confidence motion against the Gov’t, the Liberal leader pointed out that PNL is considering it.

We will definitely use this constitutional tool when there are the highest chances for us to obtain as many votes as possible. It’s normal the President voices such an official stance; even if it doesn’t have immediate effects, it shows that Mrs. Dancila is not endorsed anymore and lacks the president’s availability to collaborate,” Orban explained.

USR to talk to PNL about the motion of censure

In his turn, Dan Barna, chairman of Save Romania Union (USR), the second opposition party in the Romanian parliament, said President’s call is a natural reaction, adding he will discuss with PNL to file a no-confidence motion in Parliament.

Romania’s President had a predictable, normal reaction. What Liviu Dragnea and Mrs. Dancila have done was to throw Romania’s 27 years of diplomacy away. The country goal, to become members of the EU, was a major goal, (…) but to make such a politically delicate announcement by relocating Romania’s embassy in Israel (to Jerusalem), amid the UN decision and the EU’s unitary stance, is an unprecedented irresponsibility. All that the President did was to ascertain Mrs. Dancila’s incapacity to have the minimum competence to rule Romania,” Barna said, while adding he would discuss with the colleagues from PNL today about the opportunity of filing a motion of censure.

Asked if the head of state should have refused to name Viorica Dancila for the PM position in the first place, the USR chairman replied: “He precisely said that. He named her three months ago and now he has understood the prime minister’s competence level.”

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