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The second fall of Constantinople (V)

By Grisha Onedincarict-150x150




I am still waiting for proof of wisdom, understanding, professionalism from the leaders of the European Union, the heads of the EU states, from all the union and national – level institutions, regarding the social, economic, political, and geostrategic phenomena which have been taking place in the last ten years and which continue to develop.

But I think I will have to wait longer!

Nothing good is happening, absolutely nothing!

Instead, we keep having terrorist attacks, coups, Grexit, Brexit, the migrant crisis, the arrival of all kind of monsters on the political scene, insecurity, unrest.

I can understand neither the European Union politics nor the behaviour of the intelligence services and all the institutions that should mobilize themselves in order to achieve a climate of peace, tranquillity, prosperity, security and stability.

Where are the EU leaders and heads of all these institutions?

What are the results of their work if none of them are observable? It is all too clear that the authorities are either overwhelmed by the situation, unable to manage the terrorist phenomenon (among others), or they are autistic.

The analysis of the initial information led to the obvious conclusion that the terrorists who acted on EU territory are EU citizens but also Muslims of Arab origin. They have not just arrived from faraway lands. They have been here, with us, for a long time. Maybe they were our childhood playmates. Maybe we went to the same kindergarten, high school, university. Let us not forget that the EU member states invested in their education. Actually, we all invested in them, since we have been and still are paying taxes at both EU and national levels.

And what did we get in exchange?

Explosions, crime, wounded people, people maimed forever, orphans, parents burying their children, grandparents who will never see their grandchildren again, sorrow, tears, blood, and the image of empty wandering eyes, people who no longer understand anything that is happening.

This is what the EU citizen got in exchange!

Additional information revealed that these individuals have had various problems with the law in the past and the majority of them have criminal records. All these confused people, incapable of integrating into a given community, were easy prey for ISIS and similar organizations.

It would not have been difficult, in my opinion, to survey their activity, their travels, and their meetings so as to establish the identities and backgrounds of the future “partners in crime”.

I began to write this article after the events of the 15-16 of July, after the failed coup in Turkey. Since then another deadly attack has been added to those which have been befalling Europe. Another insane person entered a fast-food restaurant in Munich Germany, yelled “Allahu Akbar!”, and started to shoot people at random.

Let us return to the Turkish situation, to what happened and is still happening.

The objective of the coup attempted on the banks of the Bosphorus was the removal of President Erdogan and his regime.

The coup failed.

The Turkish president was not betrayed by the secret services or by a large part of the army. Additionally, the power of the Internet was used once again to mobilize the people.

As an exercise in imagination, let us ask if this coup wasn’t perhaps set in motion by someone in order to obtain vital information regarding the position of the army, the secret services, and the civil society vis-a vis the president?

Maybe what happened was the rehearsal for a successful coup in the future meant to avoid any foreseeable failure?

Who stands to lose because of this action?

Who stands to win because of these events?

It is clear that the Erdogan regime is not democratically orientated.

And yet, this regime is supposed to have been democratically elected and is supported by Western institutions.

Within the context of contemporary history, Turkey is of key importance. Turkey is a NATO member and has the most important army of this alliance, second only to that of the USA.

Thanks to its geographical and economical position at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, bordering both the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Turkey has a vital importance in not just the European balance of power. And let us not forget that according to the Montreux Convention of 1936, Turkey is the “Absolute Master of the Straits” which connects the Mediterranean and the Black Seas.

Losing Turkey as a NATO member would eventually paralyze the actions of this alliance and, in the end, would lead to its disintegration due to it losing its purpose.

Also, losing Turkey as a discussion and action partner of the EU would represent another catastrophe in all respects.

Imagine a few million migrants free to head towards Europe – considered to be the heaven of salvation by these poor, desperate people pushed out of their countries by famine, injustice, insecurity and unrest.

Question: who would gain from this scenario?

Answer: Russia and ISIS, and others.

Lately, the Russian-Turkish relationship has not been too good.

Nevertheless, some time ago the “Sultan” apologized to Russia for an accident involving a Russian and a Turkish plane.

Also, right now Turkey is one of the most involved states in the fight against “Daesh”.

If Turkey were to be lead by a regime that did not want to continue the collaboration with the EU, the USA, and NATO, the situation would become extremely tense and difficult.

In the context of all the unrest present in the EU, as well as that of the information and signals transmitted in a timely manner but not noticed, assimilated, or analyzed by those whose responsibility was to do so, the EU leaders – the chiefs of the EU member states – either did not know how to respond or proved to be helpless in the face of the threats appearing in Europe.

Turkey could use this moment and turn an apparent disadvantage into an advantage.

President R.T. Erdogan has drawn another card in the political game.

How will he use this card during the geopolitical discussions with his partners such as the EU, the USA, and NATO?

And let us not forget Putin’s Russia in this equation!

More than ever after 1990, Russia has regained importance in all respects and this happened with the coming to power of the “Tsar” Putin and his regime.

The same thing happened with Turkey, which regained its status of Ottoman power with Erdogan and his party’s involvement in the country’s leadership.

The signs have been there for a long time. Only a blind person could have missed them.

Empires are remade, imperialist desires persist.

There will always be nations and services in whose laboratories people of a particular alloy will ferment wishing to remake the past and maybe more!

At this point, the two powers, both former empires, are setting the tone of the discussion and more often than not imposing their point of view.

These former empires have in hand the best cards, which they have been preparing for many years.

Are we to believe that absolutely nobody realized what was going on at the card table of these major players?

And now, as it always does in times of great trouble, Europe is looking to Uncle Sam for help and salvation.

What is the place of the European Union in this regional and world context?

Where is the power, the capacity for clear-sightedness, of the EU leaders?

The ominous signs preceding certain past events such as WWII are reappearing and, although they are coming in different forms, the final result will be the same, i.e., the appearance and development of actions and events which will interfere in the development of, and ravish, civilizations. The seeds of these events were sown a long time ago but only in recent years have they begun to explode out of control.

Who has the strength and the intelligence to perceive and to see beyond the pretenses, in order to decipher the signs?

It is clear that what happened in Turkey had to happen.

Speaking of Turkey, one has to mention the numerous attacks which took place on Turkish soil culminating in the bloody attack on the Ataturk airport.

And now the coup that tried to remove President Erdogan and his regime. For NATO and the EU, Turkey represents a vital partner in the preservation of peace in the region.

I take the liberty at the end of this article to propose one more hypothesis: what if the Erdogan regime organized the coup so that Turkey could show its force and importance both of which need to be reestablished from time to time?

What if President Erdogan wanted to create this crisis so that he would have the possibility to resort to the great purge which would eventually lead to the successful removal of Erdogan’s great rival from across the Atlantic, Fethullah Gulen, and to the establishment of a presidential regime in Turkey?

In any case, all these ongoing actions and negative events represent a black spot on the map of the democratic and democracy seeking nations. I doubt that we will return to normality in the foreseeable future.

I meant to end the article here, but I would like to take a brief look at Romania’s position in the present context.

Great Britain has its problems. France and Germany are equally ravished by a variety of problems and negative events. Also, they have assumed the role of leader in Europe but are beginning to burn out. Among the neighboring countries, Bulgaria rejected the idea of a NATO fleet in the Black Sea. The Hungarian Prime Minister and President Putin are good friends and share many view points. The map of Ukraine is being drawn without Crimea and nobody knows to whom belongs the north-eastern part of the country; insecurity continues to be present everywhere in this country. There is nothing left to be said about Moldova.

At the same time, almost everything that could be sold in Romania has been sold.

Even the former Austro-Hungarian Empire got its share. Maybe it is just my impression, but Romania lost its appeal in every respect.

I am afraid to say we have ended up once more in the middle and, of course, nobody will help us. The USA, the big brother, the world’s policeman, has pretty much had enough of intervening everywhere and of solving various situations that appear out of the blue. Moreover, the USA is rather far away from Romania, a continent and an ocean away.

The only thing left to be said is: “God, protect the Romanians!”

It is possible that only God be able to help us!

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