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The Ukrainian security forces conduct searches at the Romanian Cultural Centre in Cernăuţi

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has conducted searches on Monday at the ‘Eudoxiu Hurmuzache’ Romanian Cultural Centre in Cernăuţi (Ukraine), the organization being suspected of separatist actions, Deschide.md, quoted by realitatea.net, reports.

The SBU officers found materials prepared in the context of the centenary of the Great Union, more precisely the Map of Greater Romania, in which the Cernauti region is not part of Ukraine, tsn.ua informs on the other hand.

The ‘Eudoxiu Hurmuzache’ Romanian Cultural Centre in Cernăuţi is one of the main Romanian cultural institutions in Northern Bucovina, being supported by the Romanian Government.

In a criminal file under Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the information on the presentation of a map of Greater Romania in the centre of Cernauti is being checked.

Monday evening, “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Centre President, Vasile Tărâţeanu, was released by Ukrainian security.

The SBU website reads that: The employees of the Ukrainian Security Service in Chernivtsi (Cernauti – our note) investigate the Centre’s management for materials containing appeals to violate the territorial integrity of their country: during a public event the regional mapping pictures showed the centre of the Chernivtsi region as part of ‘Greater Romania’, Cernivtsi Times, quoted by adevarul.ro, informs.

The Ukrainian Security Service employees found printed plates made to promote the “celebration” in Ukraine of 100 years since the establishing of ‘Greater Romania’. “The law enforcement officers also noted that NGO members distributed literature, which may contain appeals for the restoration of the so-called ‘historical justice’ by cancelling the international law and international documents and the return of Northern Bucovina area, Northern Bessarabia and Southern Bessarabia to the Romanian state “.

It all started as last Saturday took place the international scientific colloquium “Bucovina before the Great Union”, organized by the Bucovina Institute, the Romanian Academy branch (Rădăuţi, Romania) and the “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Romanian Cultural Centre in Cernăuţi, the BucPress Agency from Cernăuţi reports. The colloquium was moderated by Vasile Tărâţeanu, Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy, President of the “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Romanian Cultural Centre and Dr. Marian Olaru, Director of the “Bucovina” Institute belonging to the Romanian Academy. The scientific event was attended also by Minister Counsellor, Ionel Ivan, who conveyed a message on behalf of the Consulate General of Romania in Cernăuţi, to greet and encourage such scientific actions in the region of Cernăuţi. He noted that despite contradictory views on the historical past, the present should be a period of partnership, friendship and alliances.

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