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The weather will cool in the next two weeks

Meteorologists announce warm weather for the next two weeks (April 30 – May 13), with temperatures higher than the average normal until May 6, while the likelihood of short, but intense rains is higher as of May 9, reveals on Monday the National Meteorological Administration (ANM).

In Banat and Crisana, by May 6, the weather will be much warmer than the normal for this time of year, with maximum average temperatures of 28 to 29 degrees C. After a cooling process that will bring daily temperatures to normal values, it is estimated that during May 9-13 the average maximum temperature in this region will range between 21 and 23 degrees C.

The probability of rains (showers, generally associated with atmospheric instability) will be greater as of the end of the first week, and especially during May 6-9, more significant water to fall on local areas.

In Transylvania, the highest temperatures will be, in the first week, well above the average for the beginning of May, with values of 25-28 degrees C. As of May 5, the probability of rain and electric discharges will be relatively high.

In Moldavia, during April 30-May 5, hot weather will prevail, so that the average of the highest temperatures will increase slightly and gradually from 26 degrees C to 28-29 degrees C. Subsequently, the weather will cool to temperatures around those specific for this period. The likelihood of rains, especially rain showers accompanied by electric discharge, will be relatively high during May 6-May 13.

In Muntenia and Oltenia, during the first week, particularly warm weather, with diurnal values going up from 25 degrees C to 28 degrees C on May 5. Subsequently, the weather will cool down. The probability of rains with electric discharges will be higher especially during May 7 to 13.

In the mountains, temperatures during the first week will remain higher than normal, with insignificant day-to-day variations, so diurnal highs will be, on average, of 18-20 degrees C, and the lows between 7 to 9 degrees C. During May 7-9 the weather will become cooler. The probability of rainfall accompanied by electric discharges will be relatively high during May 6-13.

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