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Therapy beach, unique in Europe, available on the Romanian seaside

A therapeutic beach for disabled people has been inaugurated in the largest and most luxury resort on the Romanian Black Sea coast. Stretching on almost 2,000 square meters, the beach is counting a bamboo forest and „a spiritual” tent among the main attractions.

The beach is located near the old pier of Mamaia resort and it is a sensory beach „addressing to the five human senses which are thus directly stimulated”, according to a press release by „Marea Neagra” Pshychological Center.

The project initiator, psychologist Adrian Gemanaru explained it is not just a beach, but a true artwork and the entire concept is based on a story drawn in the sand on the seaside, so that every person who is coming here should enjoy peace and quiet moments.

Among the top attractions, there are the flavors’ area, the bamboo forest (represented by a giant music instrument, the rainbow made of colored, varied textured curtains), as well as the glass painting and a pottery workshop.

The „spiritual” tent is hosting African drums in the music workshop. The beach also accommodates a garden, wit various plants typical to the beach area, where people can enjoy a sensory alley by feeling various textures: tree bark, marble, sawdust, wood or brick.

The therapy beach also has the first access ramp in Romania especially designed for wheelchairs and which has been placed directly on sand.

Three special  mobile armchairs have been bought from France, they can both float on the sea water and and also can be handled through the sand.

Access to the beach and the workshops are free of any charge.

The initiator complained though that the state’s involvement in this project was zero. This therapy beach, unique in Europe, has  been implemented with his and his friends’ money (EUR 45,000) and that the state.

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