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Three workers died after landslide at construction site in Hunedoara

Three men died in a collective labour accident on Saturday after being caught by a landslide in Pestera Bolii in Hunedoara county while they were digging under a railway bridge between Petrosani and Banita stations.

Transport Minister Felix Stroe asked for an investigation in the case, with an inquiry committee being set up. At the same time, the minister ordered that the labour security norms should be checked at all construction sites where works belonging to the Transport Ministry are carried out.

20 firefighters were involved int he rescue operations that lasted four hours.

The tragedy occurred on Saturday, around 12:30 hrs. According to the Chief Inspector of the Hunedoara Territorial Labour Inspectorate (ITM), Adrian Bozdog, the three men were carrying out works at a CFR (Romanian Railway operator) bridge when they were caught by the collapse of an earth bank.

A press statement of CFR Infrastructure informed that the works at that bridge are included in the reconstruction programme for bridges and small bridges, with Sc Confer-Radaria being the company commissioned for the works. The completion deadline of the works is November 2017.

The spokesperson of the Hunedoara County Police Inspectorate announced an in-rem criminal record had been opened in this case. Policemen are probing into the charges of manslaughter, and non compliance with the security and health labour measures.

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