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Toni Grebl? resigns as judge with the Constitutional Court
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Toni Grebl? resigns as judge with the Constitutional Court

Constitutional Court Judge Toni Grebl? submitted his resignation on Wednesday in the Constitutional Court plenum, citing pressure on the institution in connection with the performance of his duties after the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) began prosecution for corruption against him.

The plenum of the Constitutional Court took note of the resignation of Toni Grebl?. The Constitutional Court President took notice of the termination of the mandate.

“Today, February 4, 2015, Mr. Toni Grebla presented to the Constitutional Court plenum his decision to resign from the office of judge with the Constitutional Court,” a release from the court informs.

The Court found that the act of resignation came amid pressure on the Constitutional Court in connection with the exercise of its powers provided by the basic law. “In this context, the Constitutional Court emphasizes the need to respect the presumption of innocence, respect for all human rights and procedural safeguards in the criminal prosecution activity, as well as the rights of image of the person as an expression of principles enshrined in Article 1 paragraph (3) and Article 23 paragraph (11) of the Constitution,” said the source.

“I did this because I am a responsible man, I understand what difficulties would arise in the future. Accusations in public before I’ve been informed have done me damage. I haven’t looted public funds, I’m not accused of damaging … you know my activities. I have had no contribution, no intervention in favour of anyone. The investigation will likely continue to take place and you will see that I am innocent. In order to place the Court’s work in greater difficulty, I decided to take this step. It is my decision, no one asked me to do it,” said Toni Grebla during the court’s plenum, according to Digi24.ro.

Before submitting his resignation, Toni Grebla was present to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), to find out about the new allegations in the corruption file.

DNA prosecutors called on the Senate on Tuesday for endorsement in view of preventive arrest and prosecution for Toni Grebla, in the file being initially accused of misuse of power, the establishment of a criminal organization and carrying out financial operations as acts of commerce incompatible with his office, in the purpose of obtaining money or property advantages.

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