After Brexit: Bucharest Stock Exchange starts transactions with important depreciation

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The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has opened the Friday’s transactions with important depreciations, while the BET index, showing the development of the most liquid 10 shares, was by 6.12% lower, aster only 15 minutes from the start.

The BVB development is in the trend with the European stock exchanges, which have recorded falls of about 7% when opening transactions on Friday, after the announcement of the results of the UK referendum on Brexit, reports.

The market turnover has reached RON 7.34 million (approx. EUR 1.62 million), the most transacted shares being the ones of Banca Transilvania and Fondul Proprietatea.

BET-Plus index, showing the development of the most liquid 37 shares at BVB, has lost 5.99%, while BET-NG index, showing the development of ten companies in the energy and utilities fields, has registered a fall of 5.18%, BET-FI index, showing SIFs evolution, has fallen by 5.28%.

Blue-chip BET-XT index, showing the development of the most liquid 24 shares, has depreciated by 5.87%, while the BET-BK index, showing the development of investment funds, has fallen by 5.82%.

The final vote count of the Thursday referendum in the UK confirms that most British people chose the Brexit, that is the UK leaving the European Union. 51.9 % of the Brits said yes to ‘Leave’ EU, in a high turnout of 72.2%.

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