Almost all agricultural areas in the country to be affected by the drought in the coming week


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The drought due to the heatwave that hit Romania and the entire Europe will seize almost all agricultural areas in the country.

The water content in the non-irrigated corn crop, on the soil profile 0-100 cm, will show low and particularly low values, the pedological drought being moderate, strong and extreme in Dobrogea, Banat, Crişana and Maramureş, most of Moldova , Muntenia and Transylvania, and locally in the south and east of Oltenia.

According to the specialized forecast issued by the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) for the period from July 21 to 27, the soil moisture reserve will be within satisfactory limits and isolated close to optimal, on large areas of Oltenia, locally in the north, northwest , the west and center of Muntenia, the south, the southwest, the isolated northeast, the east and center of Transylvania, the north of Moldova.

Temperatures up to 40C expected

A new heatwave will hit Romania in the upcoming week. The average daytime air temperature will fall between 17C and 33 degrees Celsius in all culture areas, with positive thermal deviations of 1 and 8 degrees Celsius.

The maximum air temperature will be between 26 and 40C, in most of the country, and the minimum will oscillate between 7 and 26 degrees Celsius, throughout the agricultural territory, lower values ​​being possible in the depressions in the east Transylvania.

“Local rains are forecast in the form of showers, but also torrential rains, thunderstorms and short-term  wind gusts, as well as hail“, the Romanian meteorologists announced.

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