AmCham Romania, AHK Romania, RBL and Concordia sent a joint statement to express the deep concern of the business community

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AmCham Romania, AHK Romania, RBL and Concordia sent a joint statement to express the deep concern of the business community they represent following the current assault on the rule of law, through the numerous legislative initiatives to amend the legislation in various fields, including the criminal codes, and that place Romania on a downward trend, economically and socially, a release posted by reads.

The cascade of controversial legislative initiatives includes some legislative proposals that have been approved today (on Wednesday – our note) in Parliament. The motivation of these legislative initiatives is without economic and social logic, and they are obviously partisan. Examples such as the abolition of corporate governance compliance obligations by state-owned companies leave room for abuse, politicization of management and lack of accountability for the use of public funds.

We are witnessing during the past 18 months an unprecedented mobilization of decision-makers around some peripheral issues in terms of urgency and importance for Romania and Romanians, while national priorities such as education, health, infrastructure did not go beyond the “strategies in the drawer”. Although these initiatives are argued at the declarative level by the care for citizens, in fact, they deepen the uncertainty for citizens and the mistrust of the private environment.

Insisting on changes of the criminal law, despite the wave of reaction from the society and the warnings of international partners, creates a climate of mistrust that affects Romania’s assumed goals: to be a NATO and EU trusted partner, to join the OECD and to create welfare for its citizens.

These measures and the way they are adopted unilaterally erode Romania’s credibility, lower the appetite for investment, raise costs for loans in the public and private sectors and, last but not least, jeopardize the macroeconomic stability achieved with much effort.

It is shameful that in the centenary year, the priorities of Romania’s public and legislative agenda are dominated by subjects that endanger its present and future and those of Romanians, the release reads.


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