ANCOM: If GEO 114 is not repealed, the 5G auction could be blocked

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The provisions of Emergency Ordinance 114 regarding the telecom market must be repealed by the end of this month, and then a Government decision will be adopted stipulating the starting prices for the 5G auction, Eduard Lovin, Vice-president of the National Authority for Administration and Regulation Communications (ANCOM), has said on Tuesday.

“If the GEO 114 is not repealed, on the telecom component, we will have nothing to write in the tender specifications for the 5G auction. The repealing of the provisions on telecom market in GEO 114 must be done by the end of this month, after which we need a Government decision to stipulate the starting prices for the 5G auction. The starting prices for the 5G auction mentioned in GEO 114 are inapplicable and have no connection to the reality of the local telecom market,” Lovin said in a press conference, quoted by

He mentioned that ANCOM refused to give a positive opinion on GEO 114 and wishes to return to the provisions of GEO 111, whereby the authority sets the starting prices for the auction.

“In the current version of the Ordinance, we can reach a starting price worth billions of euros at the 5G auction. (…) I’ve had meetings with the Government and I believe, I hope, they’ve understood the need to repeal the telecom section of the GEO 114. Otherwise, the entire calendar we publish on the 5G auction will be postponed later than December 2019,” the ANCOM official said.

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