Average net nominal earnings, up 1pc in April

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The average nominal earnings were in April of RON 2,366, by 1% more than in the previous month, i.e. RON 24, with the highest values ​​being recorded in IT services, including information service activities (RON 5,968) and the lowest in hotels and restaurants (RON 1,395), according to the National Statistics Institute (INS) on Tuesday.

The gross average earnings were of RON 3,291 in April, by 1.1% higher than in March 2017.

In April 2017, in most economic activities, the net average earning was higher than in the previous month due to the granting of occasional bonuses (including quarterly, annual premiums, for outstanding performances or for Easter holidays), rights in kind and money assistance, payment of net profits and other funds (including meal vouchers and gift vouchers).

Also, the net average earnings in April were higher than in the previous month as a result of bigger outputs or higher receipts (depending on contracts/projects).

As compared to April 2016, in April 2017 the net nominal average earnings have increased by 13.4%. The real earning index against the same period of the previous year was 112.7%.

The real earning index was 100.7% for April 2017 as compared to the previous month. Against October 1990, the real earning index was 179.2%, by 1.3 percentage points higher than in March 2017.

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