Banks in Romania have donated over RON 23.5 M so far in the fight against COVID-19

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Banks in Romania have donated RON 23.5 million so far in the fight against COVID-19, with contributions being directed to buy medical equipment and devices to support the local healthcare system and the affected patients, according to centralized data by banks.

Therefore, over 220 hospitals have been supported by banks in Romania to purchase medical supplies and equipment and over NGOs have benefited by financial aid to carry out activities to counter the pandemic.

With the banks’ donations within the campaign #Dreptullabanking, NGOs and hospitals were able to buy cutting edge ventilators and respirators, protection medical equipment, COVID-19 tests, disinfectants, etc.

In Romania, over 1.5 million physical persons have bank credits, with 485,000 customers have credits for houses or other real estate investments, 100,000 are companies with credits, there are over 15 million deposit holders, there are other millions of clients holders of current accounts, and there are 18 million clients with credit or debit cards.

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