Bills on mining, mineral waters and royalties will be subject to public consultation by September 1

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Economy Minister Mihai Fifor announced at Abrud on Sunday that he intends to submit the Mining Law, the Mineral Waters and the Royalties laws to public debate by September 1.

“By the means of the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund, to be launched early next year, we try to invest in companies with Romanian capital. On one hand in the Greenfield ones, on the other hand in the brownfield ones and there is a special ministry programme to conduct the inventory of sites in the mining area. Also, during the coming weeks we intend to submit the mining law and the mineral waters bill,” minister Fifor said.

He added that also until September 1 the royalties draft bill will be completed. “We hope to come out for public consultation by September 1. Currently we are conducting technical talks in the attempt not to increase the royalties. In fact, we envisage a fiscal package according to the governing programme, an inventory of the current royalties. This is a very technical issue,” Fifor said.

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