Bucharest Stock Exchange closes on the red on Thursday, following the fall of the US and Asian markets

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BET (Bucharest Exchange Trading), the main index of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), which reflects the evolution of the most traded companies on the BVB regulated market, excluding financial investment companies (SIFs), decreased by 1.01%  on Thursday against Wednesday, down to 8,401.96.

The BET-TR (Bucharest Exchange Trading Total Return Index), which reflects both the evolution of the prices of the component companies and the dividends offered by them, was at the closing on Thursday Stock Exchange by 1.02% below the level on Wednesday at 12.233,70.

BET Plus (Bucharest Exchange Trading Plus Index), which reflects the evolution of Romanian companies listed on the BVB regulated market, fell by 1.07% to 1,251.68.

Out of the 15 companies included in the indices, the largest decreases, of 1.91% each, were recorded by Banca Transilvania, down to 2.305, and Romgaz, to 33.4000.

Other decreases of over 1.5% were recorded by: Electrica (1.87% to 10.4800), Transgaz (1.70%, to 347.0000), Transelectrica (1.68% to 23.3500) , Bucharest Stock Exchange (1.61% to 24.4000), Purcari Wineries Public Company Limited (1.61% to 18.3000) and Nuclearelectrica (1.54% to 7.6700).

Instead, the only company that registered growth was Fondul Proprietatea, up by 0.87%, to 0.9270.

The European markets, including the Bucharest Stock Exchange, have declined on Thursday, amid the US and Asian stock market depreciations, as well as the trade disputes and state securities yield.






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