BVB’s Sobolewski: It requires Bucharest Airports National Company listing

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Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) should be listed on the stock market as the air traffic is increasing and the current capacity is insufficient, the international investors have already shown their interest to buy shares of this company, Ludwik Sobolewski CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), says for

“(…) This is another example of a potential great deal for the Romanian Government to make the IPO of this company, to improve the branding and the visibility and the recognition of Romania in the eyes of international investors, so people who have money, and maybe we will need these people and their money for other things in the future. So it does make sense to keep an ongoing contact with them and to simply raise funds in order to improve the state of this infrastructure because a lot of people are flying to Bucharest and a lot of people who are also important for Romanian economy,” CEO BVB stated, noting that the infrastructure is for investors that have the appetite “to sleep calmly, that’s why they like the Airport of Bucharest, because for them it’s one of the guaranteed success stories.”

Moreover, Polish Sobolewski added that the Port of Constanta fits very naturally the stock market in Romania.

He pointed out that the listing of Hidroelectrica would transform the Romanian capital market in an emerging market, and the Government that will do so “will have a historic merit.”

As an overview of 2016, Sobolewski reminded that the whole Romanian economy and Romania was put on the so-called ‘watchlist’ by one of the global agencies that look at country and markets.

“Our goal is to become a so-called emerging market, which is very, very close to the aristocracy among these global markets which are developed markets. Now, Romania is merely a frontier market, so it’s not a very prestigious brand. And we are striving to be upgraded,” BVB official stated.

He has hopes that the new Government will make state-owned companies public entities, so to make them listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“It is very important to make state-owned companies more efficient, in the economic sense, and more productive. Romania still ranks very, very low when it comes to productivity of business in general, not only in Europe, but in our region of Central Eastern Europe, so this is very important,” Ludwik Sobolewski also said.

According to him, 2017 definitely is the year when the Romanian Government will be really engaged in the historic mission to ensure a better future for Romania and to improve the position of Romania among the most developed nations in Europe, when it comes to the quality of the financial infrastructure.

BVB’s CEO revealed that a new IPO is expected to take place in the upcoming weeks.

He also talked about the BVB-Sibex transaction which should be described as a merger by absorption. “It’s not a company which presents a big value for investors and entrepreneurs in Romania but we are quite determined to complete this transaction because we think this is like bringing things to normality. Romania certainly does not have enough place for two stock exchanges,” Sobolewski explained.





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