CFR buys self-driving train, could reach 160 km/h

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CFR Infrastructura has bought one of the most expensive trains in its history. It is self-driving and, depending on configuration, can cost EUR 9 million.

The train will be used to test the newly rehabilitated tracks. So that it could run at 160 kilometres per hour, given that the commercial speed in Romania is 45 kilometres per hour, informs.

For the time being it will not be used to transport passengers, but will be used to test the new tracks.

It was manufactured in France and was brought to Romania within the project to rehabilitate the country’s western railway, which is to be tested day and night, the same source reports.

With all the equipment included, the train has a record price for our country – EUR 9 million. For comparison, the last train bought by CFR Passengers in 2006, the so-called ‘Blue Arrow’, had a price of EUR 2 million. The French manufacturer claims that the price is fair.

Gabriel Stanciu, the producer’s representative in Romania: “We have become accustomed too much in Romania to think about the price of the acquisition. Such a train is designed to operate at least 30 years, without overhaul and upgrading operations.”

‘Coradia Polyvalent’ is a self-driving train. It is full of sensors to announce in real time any malfunction. It can reach 200 kilometres per hour.

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