CFR Calatori and railway trade unions sign collective labour bargaining agreement extension

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CFR Calatori (Passengers) management and railway trade union representatives have signed on Thursday, after negotiations, an agreement extending the collective bargaining agreement that will ensure the protection of employees, meaning the rights of current employment contract –  i.e. food vouchers, benefits, festive hours, social benefits for marriage, for death, etc., until the signing of a new contract.

According to a release posted on the company’s Facebook page, the CFR management presented the draft on income/expenses for 2017, which will be submitted for approval/endorsement of the Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders, the draft budget includes an increase of the wage fund of 17.56%, which “will lead to wage increases for employees.”

The management proposed the relocation of the wage scales by complexity and workload. Employees hired on basic positions will benefit from higher increases against those in the management positions, the wage increase will not be linear, Agerpres informs.

The collective bargaining contract was terminated on Thursday and, according to the chairman of the Trade Unions of Railway Transport Federation, Gabriel Rodrigo Maxim, a new contract could be signed after April 5.

On Wednesday, part of the railway workers triggered a spontaneous protest, a number of trains being stopped in seven regional directorates.

Dozens of trains, among which two international trains on the route to Budapest and the other one coming from Vienna, were stopped in railway stations. 114 trains were affected by the strike, among them 13 trains in Gara de Nord in Bucharest, 39 in Brasov, 38 in Galati and 23 in Timisoara.

According to CFR SA, the protest started amid the negotiations between the management and the trade unions for signing the new Collective Labour bargaining Agreement for 2017-2018.


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