Competition Council: For a year the fuel prices are higher than the EU average

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The Competition Council has launched a sectoral inquiry on the fuel market, to analyze why the fuel prices without taxes in Romania are higher than the EU average.

“The prices are rather similar throughout Europe and this is what we expected whereas the fact that we have resources is less important. The problem is not: we have resources, why don’t we have a lower price? The question is why for a year the price is higher than the EU average? We are looking for an explanation because, traditionally, the price in Romania was a little bit below the average. Sometime early last year has gone above average, we are talking about the price without taxes. The prices with taxes are below the average, the Romanian state charges less than other states. The prices without taxes are where the companies get involved.  It is a relatively new development that we do not understand entirely, so we have launched an investigation. They will receive a series of questions they are required to answer legally. We want to understand exactly what changes have led to this surprising development,” Bogdan Chiriţoiu, president of the Competition Council, said on Monday, informs.

OMV Petrom claims the fuel market in Romania is competitive

The fuel market in Romania is competitive and the prices in our country are among the lowest in Europe, OMV Petrom CEO Mariana Gheorghe said last Thursday.

She noted that the data on the website of the European Commission on fuel prices in different countries are not always comparable, as they contain different elements.

“Currently we have the lowest prices in Europe, second or third position from the bottom. The data we use from the European Commission are not always comparable. Each country can report different elements. (…) There are also other differences; although the price from the European community is a good reference, it is not an accurate reflection of comparability one on one,” Gheorghe said.

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