Court of Auditors identifies damages of RON 350m, non-collected incomes of RON 932m in 2017

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The Court of Auditors has identified damages worth RON 350 million and non-collected incomes of RON 932 million, following the controls carried out last year for the financial year 2017, according to the ‘Public Report for 2017’, posted on the institution’s website on Monday.

The authors of the report show that, in the additional revenues of RON 931.54 million, an important share of about 45% is represented by the revenues administered by ANAF, which show signs of fiscal risk and which result from the tax inspections carried out by the specialized institution.

The state budget, which holds 29.79% of the total estimated damages, has been caused by losses mainly due to the inefficiency of using human, material or financial resources allocated to a programme/project/activity or to the inefficiency of the internal control system and procedures followed for the realization of the audited programme/project/activity.

The next budget where damages were found is that of the public sector, state-owned or the territorial administrative units (13.66%) economic agents, mainly produced by incurring expenses for unrelated activities with the purpose, objectives and attributions stipulated in the normative acts for setting up, making payments for unexecuted works, the unjustified overestimation of some expenses.

In 2018, the Court of Auditors carried out 1,670 financial audit missions, 30 performance audit missions in priority areas to 104 entities, 572 audit compliance missions, which covered 38 themes and carried out 643 documentary actions.

On the occasion of the verifications carried out, following the established audit objectives, 18,980 cases of infringements, irregularities and/or errors were identified.

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