Court of Auditors report: Goods valuing RON 36bn, registered by ministries at RON 0 or RON 1

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Goods worth some RON 36 billion (approx. EUR 8bn) are not registered in the possession of ministries and state institutions, as there are many buildings and land in the book-keeping registers with values of RON 1 or RON 0, according to a report issued by the Court of Auditors, cited by Digi 24. In the report on budget execution in 2014, the Court shows that more than 5,200 properties – buildings and land – have inventory values of RON 1 or RON 0.
The land and buildings in question are owned by ministries and institutions. Among them the General Secretariat of the Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.
The Court of Auditors has analyzed how the inventory of goods in public domain was conducted, and recommends the ministries to redo the inventory and to record the public property goods that have been declared with values of RON 1 or RON 0 at actual values.

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