Criminal complaints over Diaspora vote

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MEP Monica Macovei (photo) who ran for presidency as an independent announced on Wednesday she had filed criminal complaints against PM Victor Ponta, FM Titus Corlatean and against Minister Delegate for Romanians Abroad, Bogdan Stanoevici but also against the presidents of the polling stations abroad for obstructing Romanians’ right to vote. Macovei is charging the premier and the two ministers with breaking three articles of the Criminal Code: obstruction of the right to vote, abuse of office and negligence in service. “We cannot pass over the first round of presidential elections. Romania will be labeled as a country where elections can be defrauded”, Macovei argued.

Iohannis, offered conditioned support

On the other hand, Macovei sort of threw a rope to Klaus Iohannis for the runoff voting, but pre-conditioned her support over 10 demands that the Liberal contender should comply with. “I am sending Mr. Iohannis a letter with some minimal demands for ensuring the rule of law in Romania. If he agrees to them, my electorate maybe will vote for him, if he doesn’t then they won’t”, Macovei said. Precisely, Macovei asks Iohannis, among other things, not to promulgate amnesty law, not to proceed in individual pardons “only for the people in need”, to go to the people in 2015 to ask for the disposal of MPs, ministers and President’s immunity, to guarantee Romania’s path to West when it comes to the national foreign policy, to continue efforts for Romania to join Schengen area and to observe the justice.

The MEP argued it is not a negotiation for she doesn’t want anything in exchange but these are the minimal demands of her voters, demands that she cannot claim from Victor Ponta. Macovei is waiting for a prompt answer, eventually sealed in a letter with Iohannis signature.

A few days ago Monica Macovei voiced plan to set up a new party. On Wednesday she reiterated this intention, explaining it will be a NGO in the first instance and then will turn into a political party when all the necessary signatures are collected.





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