Cyber security law declared unconstitutional

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The Romanian Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that the cyber security law is unconstitutional on the whole, arguing it lacks the notice of the Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) and has also deficiencies related to coherence, clarity and predictability. CC plenum analyzed the National Liberal Party’s notification against the law.

The Court reproached that several provisions of the law were not complying with the Romanian fundamental law, such as the notion of “cyber infrastructure holders”, the provision stipulating the Romanian Intelligence Service is designated the national authority in the cyber security field, lack of legal guarantees – authorization by a court, the audit authority of cyber security, etc.

Liberal lawmakers have challenged the cyber security to the Constitutional Court on December 23, 2014. The law had been unanimously passed by the Senate a week ago, so, paradoxically, the Liberal and the Democrat Liberal senators had also voted in favour of the draft initiated by the Government. Later on, Liberals have argued the law is confining the right to the private digital life.


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