Electricity price for household consumers on the stock exchange, higher by 45pc

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Electricity prices set on the stock market where suppliers buy electricity for household consumers will be by 45% higher in Q4 than in Q2, and are similar to those on the spot market, according to the figures posted on the website by the OPCOM Energy Exchange.

The auctions for Q4 on the Universal Service Centralized Platform (PCSU), wherefrom the suppliers buy energy for the household consumers, took place on September 12 and 13.

They were concluded at the price of RON 267 per MWh for the peak period of consumption, i.e. 18:00h-22:00h, at the price of RON 254 per MWh for the time interval 7:00h-24:00h and at the price of RON 230 for the interval 1:00h-24:00h.

These prices are comparable to those on the spot market of the last period and even higher than the energy price with delivery on Thursday, September 14, which is of RON 249 per MWh for the peak hours of consumption and of RON 199 for lower consumption, with an average of RON 224 per MWh.

The auction for Q3 was suspended, but as compared to Q2, the prices are now by 45% higher for all time periods. Even compared to Q4 2016, the prices are now by 46% higher.

In June, the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) decided to suspend the auctions for household energy in Q3, as there were abnormal high increases on the energy markets, Emil Calota, the vice-president of the institution, said at the time. The ANRE official showed that the decision was taken to prevent a large consumer bill increase.


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