Electricity price for households up by 8pc as of July 1

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The electricity price for household consumers will increase by 8% as of July 1, according to the decision made by the Regulatory Committee of the National Authority for Regulation in Energy (ANRE) on Thursday, the representatives of the institution said.

As of July 1, the electricity final price for household consumers consists of a tariff regulated by ANRE, which has a share of 10% of the total price, and of a component reflecting the price of the free market, which has a share of 90%.  According to ANRE, the regulated component will fall by 5.16% and the one of free market will increase by 8.53%.

“In the field of electricity, the ANRE Regulatory Committee has approved the Order no. 50/2017 on electricity regulated tariffs applied by the suppliers of the last resort (FUI) to household consumers which have not taken advantage of their eligibility rights, by which it was decided to decrease by 5.16% the regulated tariffs applied by FUI to household consumers, as of July 1, 2017 until the end of the year. Electric power supplied on regulated tariffs represents 10% of the total electricity to household consumers,” the release reads.

Furthermore, ANRE informs that the electricity price has increased by 24% on the free market for the household consumers. Although FUI proposed price increases of 25%, ANRE believes an 8.53% price increase on the free market is justified.

In February, ANRE president Nicolae Havrilet said the price of electric power could increase by 1-2% as of July 1, following the very high prices on the energy stock exchange market registered in January.

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