Emergency Ordinance aims to accelerate infrastructure projects – It cuts the implementation period by 6 months to 2 years

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An Emergency Ordinance designed to accelerate the infrastructure projects was adopted on Wednesday by the Government. By enforcing the bill, the time required to obtain permits for these projects will be considerably reduced, officials say, according to hotnews.ro. “The duration cuts for infrastructure projects are from six months to two years, with these measures,” Transport Minister Dan Costescu said at the end of the Government sitting.

“We open a new stage in infrastructure investments as through this system we will save much time. The infrastructure projects are long-term projects of 4-5 years. Much of this time was spent in the past for obtaining permits and authorizations,” said Minister Costescu.

“Out of the five to six months lost on average for obtaining the permits, most of the time was spent for taking land aside from agriculture. Now it will not be the case. It will no longer be needed to expect all approvals for documentation for the building license, but a preliminary license in just 10 days. Several months will be already saved,” the minister said.

Similarly, according to the minister, the taking of land out of the forestry fund would rely also on preliminary licenses.

“Now there is the possibility to issue the building license by sections, not for the entire work. If there are certain areas where licenses may be delayed, then we can avoid them and open work fronts where work can be done, not to waste time,” said Costescu.

The Transport Minister has detailed in a press release remitted to HotNews.ro that currently, the implementation period for of projects is between 3 and 5 years, of which more than 6 months are needed to obtain all permits, causing delays in the completion of works.

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