Energy Minister expects historic high gas consumption. Bulgaria asks for emergency help of electricity supply

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The natural gas consumption could reach a historic high level these days, due to frost, Energy Minister Toma Petcu said on Monday. The consumption could reach 72 billion cubic metres, above the highest level of 71.2 billion cubic metres.

On the other hand, the minister said Bulgaria has asked for emergency help of electric energy supply. “Given the delicate situation we are facing, we couldn’t assume the supply, we’ve told them we cannot help. Two days ago Hungary has decided to cease gas exports on short-term,” Petcu said.

According to the minister, 26 million cubic metres will be supplied from reserves, 28 million cubic metres from current output and 16 million cubic metres from imports.

In order to cut gas consumption, the heating plants ELCEN, Brazi and Galati have turned to naphtha for producing electricity and heat, Petcu added.

He pointed out that the energy needs will be met in the following days, in spite of the Code Orange for frost in 36 counties.

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