Energy Ministry releases Romania’s energy strategy for 2018-2030 in view of 2050


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The Energy Ministry has posted on its website, on Thursday, the draft Energy Strategy of Romania for 2018-2030 in view of 2050, document to be approved by Government decision after receiving the environment opinion, ministry sources say.

Energy Minister, Anton Anton, said that “Romania’s development and increase of economy competitiveness, increase in quality of life and the protection of the environment are closely related to the development and upgrading of the energy system. The draft Energy Strategy for Romania starts with this phrase, this is the concept on which this document is built, whereas the main beneficiary of the Energy Strategy will be the consumer.”

Strategic investments of national interest are considered, as the completion of Cernavoda Nuclear Plant groups 3 and 4, the building of the hydropower plant by accumulation at Tarnita-Lapustesti, the completion of the 600MW group at Rovinari and the building of the Hydro-technical complex at Turnu Magurele – Nicopole.

After the period of public debates, a final document on the strategy will be released, needing the environment opinion. Following these steps, the document is to be approved by Government Decision, according to Law 123/2012, framework law on the energy sector.


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