Eugen Teodorovici: Ministry of Finance analyzes the removal of the excise duty on fuels, 5pc VAT for tourism

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The Ministry of Finance is considering the elimination of the excise duty on fuels. Such a draft is in progress and it will be analyzed whether the change will have positive effects in the economy, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici told TVR1 public broadcaster Tuesday evening.

“There will be government discussions … the Finance Ministry will file a proposal on the excise duty on fuels. By the end of the year you will see a proposal in this regard…. We will analyze and we will know exactly what the situation is. As you know, in Romania the first action is to say that the budget will register minuses if you take out a toll, a tax. You have to look at the second round effect. If such a measure can produce positive effects in the economy, it is very good,” Eugen Teodorovici said.

“We’re making some calculations. I am tempted to propose such a matter,” the minister said.

Teodorovici stressed that in the last part of the year, “measures in the economy area” will be seen. These include state aid for projects of at least EUR 3 million, the introduction of a 5% VAT rate for the tourism area, but also the start of important investments, such as the bridge in Tulcea over the Danube, the possible awarding of a contract for the Comarnic – Brasov highway.

Asked about the tolling of highways, Teodorovici specified that the state will not charge simultaneously the road toll and the vignette.

With regard to the inflation rate, the Finance Minister said that by the end of the year it would fall to the estimated level.

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