EUR – lowest level vs. RON of past two months. Cheapest gold of the year

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The national currency continues the strengthening started on Monday and has appreciated against the main foreign currencies.

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) has issued an exchange rate of RON 4.6367 for EUR , less by 0.31% against Monday, the lowest level for the European currency of the past three months.

The US Dollar has also depreciated against RON by 0.23%, the exchange rate being of RON 3.9677 for USD.

The Swiss Franc has fallen below the RON 4 threshold to RON 3.9911 for CHF.

The GBP has fallen to RON 5.2019, down from RON 5.2182 on Monday.

The gold gram has also decreased as BNR pointed to RON 156.1953, down from RON 157.1331 on Monday.

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