Finance Ministry drafts budget rectification, envisages the same deficit of 1.85 pc of GDP


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The Ministry of Public Finance has published on its website the proposed amendments to the state and social insurance budgets, to be approved in the Government sitting on Friday. It would be the second budget amendment in 2015, Agerpres informs.
The draft increases the public revenues by RON 2.624 billion and the government expenditure by RON 2.632 billion, leaving the deficit of the consolidated budget unchanged at 1.85% of the GDP.
The main winner of the amendment is the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, which gets RON 769.5 million more. Ten other ministries have their budgets increased: the Ministry of European Funds by RON 729.6 million; the Ministry of National Defence by RON 558.1 million; the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research by RON 271.4 million; the Ministry of Internal Affairs by RON 269.2 million; the Ministry of Justice by RON 245 million; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by RON 132.8 million; the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly by RON 80.1 million; etc. The Ministry of Public Finance wrote up itself RON 584.3 million more.
The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) also has RON 140.4 million added to its budget.
The biggest cuts are envisaged by the Ministry of Transport – RON 1.61 billion, and by the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Business Environment — RON 108.1 million.
The public pensions system has its revenues diminished by RON 2.6 million; the occupational disease and accidents insurance get RON 1.8 million more. The surplus of the unemployment insurance system expands by RON 116.5 million.

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