FinMin comes up with controversial bill to sent to prison tax payers with overdue tax returns. Opposition parties slam the initiative

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Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has submitted a controversial bill to the Senate, in emergency procedure, stipulating that citizens who are not paying their taxes in due time should go to jail.

So, tax payers with overdue tax returns for social contributions deriving from salaries, pensions, health benefits, copyright and other incomes are facing prison sentences that can go from 1 year to 6 years.

The draft law initiated by the Finance minister is meant to amend and complement Law no 241/2005 on preventing and countering tax evasion.

Article 6: It is an offense that is punished by prison from 1 year to 6 years the past due by 30 days of the tax and social securities payments”, says the Social Democrat minister’s amendment.

The following taxes are falling under the amended article: the tax on dividends paid by legal person to another legal person, the income tax for copyright, the income tax associated with independent activities based on sports contracts, incomes tax on salaries, tax on rent, tax on dividends, on interests, tax on pensions, the social securities tax, health insurance, the tax on the incomes achieved in Romania by non-residents, etc.

Opposition reacts

Liberal senator Florin Cîţu has slammed the FinMin move.

“Teodorovici, Viorica’s bichon, will put you in jail if you don’t pay your taxes. He and his criminals’ gang have no money to steal from if you don’t give them money anymore? Teodorovici has initiated a draft law and he is excluded. He’s putting only you in jail“, Citu said, announcing he will reveal next week proves certifying the illegalities committed by Teodorovici.

The Liberal accused the Finance Minister he is also among the bad tax payers and said he will also go prison next to Dragnea.

PMP spokesperson Mihail Neamtu has stated on Monday that Eugen Teodorovici wants to boost a slave-state system, accusing that PSD wants to put poor people behind bars.

“The socialism hates freedom. Lately, PSD wants to put poor people in jail, namely their own voters. The police state dreamed by Orlando Teodorovici will boost the slave regime to sent in jail all those who have no money to pay the famous contribution to the healthcare system (…)“, the PMP spokesperson said.

Minister Eugen Teodorovici has retorted to the Opposition’s criticism, arguing that some are not able to understand certain decisions, mentioning his draft law is meant to secure a fair conduct of the employer to the employee and to avoid abuses.

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