Fuel price increases expected

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The gasoline and the diesel fuel are expected to become more expensive soon, as the prices for fuel have already increased well above RON 5 per litre, as compared to the same period last year when the price was below RON 5.

Against last year, the diesel fuel price has increased by 13%, whereas the price of gasoline is up by 7%, digi24.ro informs. Currently the price range is RON 5.2-5.2 per litre, as compared to last year’s RON 4.6-4.9 per litre.

The main reason for price hikes is given by the RON depreciation against the US dollar, the American currency hitting a new historic high on Tuesday of RON 4.3502 per USD.

Concomitantly, the oil price on international markets has increased from USD 45 per barrel in November to USD 52 per barrel.

In Romania, approx. 60% of the fuel price is represented by excises and taxes.


In 2015: diesel fuel – RON 4.65 per litre, gasoline – RON 4.92;

In 2016: diesel fuel – RON 5.20, gasoline – RON 5.26.


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