Fuels in Romania have become the cheapest in Europe

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The fuels in Romania have become overnight the cheapest in Europe. According to Weekly Oil Bulletin on January 16, issued by the European Commission, the diesel fuel in Romania is on average EUR 1.046 per litre, the second cheapest price in all the EU states, after Luxembourg.

Petrol is on average EUR 1.049 per litre, a lower price being found only in Bulgaria.

Oil Bulletin takes into account the average prices for fuel in the first days of the new year, revealing the impact of cancelling of the over-excise of EUR 0.07 per litre and of the so-called ‘pole tax’ (tax on special constructions) on January 1, according to the new provisions of the Tax Code, capital.ro reports.

Before the end of 2016 the petrol and diesel fuel prices were EUR 1.14, higher by EUR 0.10. At the time cheaper fuel than in Romania was found in Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Estonia, Hungary and Austria.


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