Gov’t ordinance: Banks will delay mortgage payments for 9 months

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The ordinance that allows banks in Romania to delay their customers’ mortgages up to nine months will be adopted in the Government sitting on Thursday, as President Iohannis announced today at the end of a meeting with the PM and the ministers.

The head of state also said the Government will adopt a new budgetary rectification to allow more money to the healthcare system, but also to the economy ministry to pay the technical unemployment for those companies that suspended their activity during the state of emergency imposed to fight the spread of Coronavirus.

 “Special times need special measures. We want to come up with support measures for ordinary people and for the Romanian companies to help them overcome this crisis. The crisis will end at some point and we want Romania re-starts its economy immediately at that point,” said Klaus Iohannis, also stating that the hope is that the economy will recover within nine months.

“Upon the request of the people who have bank loans, the payment of the mortgages can be delayed up to nine months, so, practically, they can be postponed by the end of this year. We are convinced the economy will recover by then and things will slightly get back to normal,” the President pointed out.


Previously on Thursday morning, the Finance Minister Florin Cîțu had announced on Facebook that the ministry had agreed with the National Bank of Romania (BNR) and with the banking system to delay the mortgage payments for 9 months. All Romanians, physical or legal persons, will benefit of this measure if they ask for a postponement.

The solution we advanced to the central bank and to the banking system is one to consider several aspects. Those who want their mortgages delayed can do it up to nine months. It is a time frame we’ve discussed with BNR and with the other banks. The proposal has been agreed, we’ll see if it will remain this way in the ordinance,” said Citu.

He also announced a budget rectification to be enforced next week in order to secure the money needed for the Health Ministry.


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