Greenpeace: Damages of nearly RON 231m due to illegal logging during 2013-2014. Some 62 illegal tree cuts every day

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The damages caused by illegal logging in Romania recorded during 2013-2014 worth about EUR 52.1 million (about RON 231 million), and 79% of the total amount was quantified in the counties of Cluj, Alba and Maramures, where the largest quantities of wood were cut, Greenpeace Romania reveals a report released on Monday.
According to the research, in the analyzed period, there were 45,509 cases of illegal deforestation, equivalent to an average of 62 cases/day, up from 28 cases/day recorded during 2009-2011 and 50 cases/day in 2012. The authorities have therefore identified nationwide an amount of 1,011,892 cubic meters of wood, associated to the cases of illegal logging, i.e. 22 cubic meters/event, up from 120,836 cubic meters in 2012 and 452,842 cubic meters in 2009-2011.
The losses reach some 3 hectares per hour, the report further reads.
The counties that recorded the highest number of cases of illegal logging are: Arges (5,851 cases, 12.85% of all cases nationwide), Bacau (3,538 cases, 7.77%) and Mures (3,351 cases, 7.36%). Moreover, Arges County recorded the highest number of illegal logging cases identified by the authorities in 2009-2011, i.e. 6,458 cases.
Valentin Salageanu, campaign coordinator of Greenpeace Romania: “We emphasize that these data do not provide a complete picture of the real extent of the phenomenon of illegal logging throughout the country, since government reports indicate an average of 8.8 million cubic metres of wood due to illegal deforestation, but investigations of competent authorities refer only to the 16th part of the aforementioned figure.”
As regards the damages, the total nationwide value during the same period was estimated by the authorities to RON 230,937,047 (about RON 52.1 million). Due to the large volumes recorded the counties of Cluj, Alba and Maramures present the highest average logging, respectively: RON 70.189 damage/case in Alba, RON 52.742 damage/case in Cluj and RON 27,227/case in Maramures. The three counties account for 79% of the total damage.

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