Gross average salary up by 10.2 pc in December

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The average gross salary increased in December by 10.2% to RON 2,930, while the net salary reached RON 2,114, a release issued on Monday by the National Statistics Institute (INS) states.
The highest earnings were recorded in the manufacture of coke and petroleum, of RON 5,633, while the lowest earnings were registered in hotels and restaurants, of RON 1,165.
As compared to December the previous year, the net nominal average earnings increased by 13.3% and the real earning index was 114.4%, reads the release.
The real earnings index was 110.1% in December 2015 against November. As compared to October 1990, the real earning index was 159.4%, by 14.6 percentage points higher than the one registered in November 2015.
In the public sector increases were recorded in net average earnings against the previous month in public administration (+ 10.7%), education (+ 9.4%), respectively in health and social assistance (+ 4.0%), following the application of the legal provisions for the staff paid from public funds.

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